Why Bulgaria?

Why to invest in Bulgaria?

High skilled workers among one of the most competitive levels of payment in Europe.

Stable and predictable business and political environment

The Bulgarian membership in EU since 1st of January 2007.

The lowest production expenses and taxes in Europe

Free market of industrial goods between Bulgaria, EU, EFTA, CEFTA and Turkey

Land acquisition by registering a   firm in Bulgaria to 100% foreign share.

Constant administrative services and accelerated administrative procedures with us.

Bulgaria is still unopen and undeveloped market for properties with investment purpose. That’s convenient for those who decide to invest now because of the good profit and high annuity.

The unique traits of Bulgaria:

1.        A full member of EU

2.        Member of NATO

3.        Currency connected with Euro

4.        Developed tourist industry

5.        A high percent of economical height

With its unique natural and cultural resources, Bulgaria is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. Our Southern Black Sea Coast is visited a long time ago not only from West Europe tourists, but also from our neighbors from the Near East. Englishmen, Germans, Swedes, Russians, Ukrainians, Moldavians, Rumanians and others visit and enjoy our beautiful beaches, the numerous hotel and unique entertainments by the sea. The Bulgarian Black Sea can offer something to someone. Once you have sink into the magic of sun and golden sands, you will not want to leave this tale. A unique combination of cultures and nationalities, this is the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast during the summer months. Here you can meet hospitality, intrinsic only to the Bulgarians, tradition in the culinary temptations combining with continually innovation and great variety. All that together with the smiling faces and the spirit of the Bulgarians, the culture you will touch, will make your vacation in Bulgaria an incomparable experience. The same spirit, but in a different and beautiful way, you can feel also on our Northern Black Sea coast! Make your investment in future here. The modern and new construction, the low prices and the high investment return in Bulgaria are enough reason to do it now. Explore a new for you world, enjoy the pleasures, which summer offers to the full, but also take a piece with you.